Resume + Other Work

Download my graphic design-focused resume here.

Other Work and Publications

In addition to my resume, I’d like to list some of my other work and mention some of the attention my projects have received:

  • Litchfield County Zine Fest 2018 – After working for more than a year, this free arts event, which I conceived, planned, and promoted almost entirely on my own, will finally occur on May 26, 2018 in Kent, CT. The Litchfield County Zine Fest is Connecticut’s first zine fest, an event celebrating underground self-publishing. The event will feature over 40 vending artists, two workshops, and a reading. As the event occurs, I will update this page with news coverage, as well as a link to an interview I did with Nutmeg Chatter, a local arts radio show. Facebook event:
  • Ace Jam – In January of 2018 I organized and promoted a game jam (event in which people make video games in a short period of time, generally based around a theme) called Ace Jam, which promoted creating games with asexual characters. Ace Jam had nearly 100 people join and over 25 submissions. It also got a write-up from gaming news site Rock Paper Shotgun:
  • Ace Zine Archive – Along with one other person, in 2015 I helped found the Ace Zine Archive project, which documents the existence of zines (self-published booklets) that discuss asexuality, and is currently the most comprehensive such resource in the world. We strongly feel that it is important to document the history of minority sexual orientation communities, and zines are like little time capsules of community history. We also host some full and partial zines on the archive website with creator permission.
  • Click here if you want to see a list of the 25+ zines I’ve made and the zines I’ve had my writing or art published in.

Places I’ve Taught Zine Workshops

  • Stanford Splash! Fall 2016
  • Stanford LGBT-CRC (as a part of the Flourish program)
  • Douglas Library (Canaan, CT) – See this article in a local newspaper on the first workshop I taught here:
  • David M. Hunt Library (Falls Village, CT)
  • The Cornwall Library (Cornwall, CT)
  • Bushnell Sage Library (Sheffield, MA)
  • Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference 2018
  • Northeast QTPOC Conference 2018
  • Northeast LGBT Conference 2018

Zine, Craft, and Small Press Fests/Fairs I’ve Been Accepted to Vend At

  • East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest 2016
  • Pioneer Valley Zine Fest 2017
  • Springfield Book Crafters Fair 2017
  • Queer/Trans Zine Fest 2017
  • Railroad Days Street Festival 2017
  • Western Massachusetts Queer Makers Market Summer 2017
  • New Zineland 2017
  • Betty Zine Fest 2017
  • Northampton Print and Book Fair 2017
  • New York Queer Zine Fair 2017
  • Winter Solstice Queer Makers Market 2017
  • NYC Feminist Zine Fest 2018
  • Massachusetts Feminist Zine Fest 2018
  • Pioneer Valley Zine Fest 2018

Interviews I’ve Done

Really Old Work + Mentions